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I miss my old job, you know? Not my old salary which was like 3 x less than what I get now, but I do miss when we used to hang around the whole city, by car, we used to see the famous beaches, Sugar Loaf, Christ the Redeemeer, the famous and beautiful places in Rio. Now I don't have time to see the sun out, but I know this won't be for long. I'll soon adjust to the new job and everything will be OK. Guess in the end I miss my city...

What's not OK is that I started my amigurumi robot, but never came back to it again. Will try to do it today.

Last week I bought a couple of albums including Black eyed peas - Monkey business and  Red hot chilli peppers - Bloodsugarsexmagik. I'm still asking myself why I bought the BEP's one, I never liked them, but the sonngs are kinda funky although I try not to pay attention to the lyrics, they're kinda silly.
I cried listening to Under the Bridge...reminded me of my childhood and for some unknown reason, reminded me also of the first time I watched Terminator II (!!!) Go figure!

I'm having the weekend duty (I don't know why they call it weeken duty, if we have the company's cell phone the whole week). I also have the flu.O.o Hate to feel like this, sneezing like crazy! I'm glad this weekend's not been too busy, the combination of flu and busy weekend duty can be lethal!!

Looks like someone is going out on a date, (hate to say that won't be soon), stil...won't talk much about it, it might bring bad luck mwahaha...:D

I'm off to home and bed. I need a soup and toast. yummy