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A new place to call home?

I don't think so, but I'm trying hard. As people would say home is where the heart is...my heart is 200km away from here, with my beautiful daughters and my parents.

I moved to a really small apartment which is good enough for me, living alone, but I've been having some domestic trouble, with the shower for example. Will try to fix asap.

At work things been going better than the last two weeks. A lot of people try to help me and a few ones try to piss me off. I don't know if I'm moody because of my new situation, but I've been quite intolerant with some of my workmates jokes and requests.

I can't wait to get my bedroom pink damask curtains and stool. Dad is bringing it all this week along with my craft stuff (I need to see pretty things as they're so rare here). Its decoration is going to be oh so dramatic!!:D Yes, I know I mentioned it before, but I'm really really excited. 

Will get back to work!