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Running nose, sneezing and a cell phone which doesn't work

How did I get into this I keep asking myself...I got the kind of cold I hate the most: I've got a non-stop running nose, sneezing like crazy and a frog in my throat! What else could I ask for? Plus my company cell phone is acting odd, starting to scare me, I hope I don't have to fix and pay for it. Apart that everything is fine, spent this rainy afternoon with the kids watching 10,000 BC which seems to be a good movie if I haven't slept the last half of it (the movie is not boring, but the circunstances...the couch, the cold, right after lunch..couldn't resist, but I did try hard :P).

Thinking seriously about my trip to China. If everything goes the way I want I must be off next year's vacation which will probably be on august. Starting to save money from now, but it won't be easy...Melissa's new spring-summer Secret Garden collection is gorgeous and guess what..it's eastern inspired, the sandals even have chinese names, it was made specially for me, I know it was!!! So ke'ai!!

Also was trying to pick a pattern for EMS' Halloween Ornament Exchange, but I want to know who am I going to send it first, now that we're able to find out the partner's preferences through profile.