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R.I.P....beloved company cell phone...

Its passed away...my company cell phone is definetly dead and now I'm using my bright pink Motorola RAZR. At least until they send a new one which I think it's gonna take ages. Whatever...

Had some more progress on PINN's Hill tribes, it's probably 95% done, and I'm really confident that it will be finished by the end of next week. I could make it a challenge...Guess I will do it: Hilltribes will be done by next thursday, Sep 18th!  The punishment for not acomplishing this will be no chocolate on this day. *evil grin* Speaking of which I was considering participating Stitch-a-thon that was introduced to me through snowprincipessa . It's too bad that this month's weekend will be when I go to granny's hose in São Paulo. Maybe next time, but then I'll enter another project once Hilltribes will be done (I don't want to spend a day without chocolate, so it WILL be done)!

Will be off to bed soon, gotta wake up early for work tomorrow.